Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Age Spirituality: Divine Order, not New World Order


Recently, I was asked if the New Age Spirituality I practice, had anything to do with the New World Order that (they’d heard) was allegedly controlled by a secret evil group called the illuminati, which allegedly seeks world domination.

Apparently, they’d seen a video by a Christian organization that made these claims and negative propaganda associations.

Now, the old Lydia would have been completely offended, at the notion that I’d associate myself with anything like that, but the awakened soul that is me- in the now- thought, what a great question! I was eager and excited at the chance to set things right, by shedding light on the subjects I love, such as Metaphysics, the link to the new Science and to Spirituality, as I see it.

However, when I attempted to explain myself, I realized that trying to formulate a cookie-cutter explanation (which is what they wanted) was not going to be easy.   The more I tried, the less I was able to capture, and much less explain, the multiple layers within the expansiveness of such a human journey.  I ended the conversation with a simple “No, in fact, we are nothing like that.”

I’ve always been a better writer, than speaker, but even as I write this, I cannot decide where to begin.

So I’ll start with that group.  I don’t know that this world order group even exists.  However, there are thousands of websites and articles with information on this subject, and from what I’ve read, my new age-y beliefs are completely at odds with ‘their’ supposed agendas.

See, I subscribe to the belief that you create your own reality, via your karmic obligations, previous life pacts, and the vibrational matches to your choices, thoughts and words in the now moment.  All these shape our next moments.  Each new moment is manifesting the next, and so on.


As such, I chose for this group not to exist within mine.  However, I will humor it.

We that practice Spirituality are called many names such as New Agey, Love & light crowd, Hippie peace freaks, Namaste’s, etc. some are kind, some not so much.  The original New Age group of the early 60’s grew out of a need to transcend the confining and oftentimes hypocritical and outdated dogmas of mainstream religions.

Today’s Spiritual movement shares this with our earlier counterparts, but in addition, many of us  have experienced a process termed an ‘awakening,’.  I had a latent awakening in 2007 (turns out I was part of a huge ‘wave” of awakened souls that year.) where we are jolted awake with multi-sensory perception and with direct connection to vast esoteric knowledge stored within the collective consciousness.  To someone who is not yet awake, this will sound crazy, but to those of us that are…ahhh, it is indescribable.


 The truth is that there is much that encompasses the so-called New Age movement.  In order to do it justice, I’d have to explain a myriad of elements, such as meditation, higher self, vibrational energy, law of attraction, law of polarity,  intuition, channeling source, energy healing, and the acquisition of, and use of mutli-sensory perception, to name just a few.  Yet, even if I could explain these areas perfectly, they’d only be applicable to my own soul’s journey because everyone else has created their own, and is experiencing a completely different journey.

Some of ‘us’ are still very much Christians, or Muslims, Jewish, Agnostic, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, or Gnostic, and many variations of beliefs within these, but we are NOT religious.

We have shed the religious yoke for the freedom of divine wisdom that is within all of us.   We are the new reformers, yes, but at a much grander, more expanded capacity.

As it turns out, this diversity is our saving grace, but I’ll get to that.

The way I experience being Spiritual, but not Religious, will be different than that of other Spiritual people. However, every spiritual person, awakened soul, Lightworker, Shaman, Guru, Spiritualist, Intuitive, Energy Reader, Psychic, Medium I’ve encountered in this journey, and I, all celebrate life, as an expression of the I AM Presence.

There is a thread of commonality that indeed weaves through most of our experiences. IT connects us to each other, and everyone else.  This is often referred to as a sense of ONENESS.  It allows us to be aware of, and connected to the collective consciousness: an over-soul essence, which permeates and animates all there is.  The God force itself.

Most New Age Spirituality followers such as myself, are aware that humans are all sparks of the Divine Essence.  We believe that God is experiencing and unfolding through us and everything around us.  We strive to be aligned with the awakened consciousness and bring about Divine harmony and balance into our lives and our environments.

Again, these ‘core’ beliefs vary form one person to another.  From one spirituality teacher to another.

Yet, we all agree that this Divine Essence is in everything.

The All is ONE, and The One is in ALL.

Many of us are also grounded into the Earth’s own energy and know that Nature is our best teacher.  It provides beautifully harmonized examples of perfect divine order in biodiversity.  All is balanced, perfect, whole and complete within right divine timing.


These are just a few examples of who we are and what we believe; and I’ve only scratched the surface.   It is preposterous to me that anyone would associate us, the hippie love& peace freaks, with a group that is supposedly looking for world domination.

I did a little research and from what I can tell, this New World Order is militarized, and institutionalized in nature.  Thus, it is repressive and fear-based. Many in the fear mongering religions equate it to the end times. My guess is that the word ‘NEW’ makes them feel they are somehow connected to us, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

If you want to find the beast, or antichrist mentioned in Revelations look in a more logical direction.  Look at how corporations are almost completely “unified”.  Notice their power and the scope of their staggering influence on our world.  Notice how in reality, government are but the middle men; instituting laws and creating fear and suspicion in the hearts of the people for the benefit of the conglomerates; big oil, and the war machines.  It is controlled chaos. Look closely, and you will easily detect a mutli-tentacled, socio-political-conglomerate fueled beast.


My thoughts are that if this Illuminati, new world order cult wants world domination, it would want to make you feel powerless and beneath government, corporations and the biggie: God.  So what DOES seem to fall in line with this new world order requisites are the old, scripture- based systemic religions that are still dominating the earth since the dark ages.

These were created to control the masses and give guidance to MEN, (women were a non- factor) who did not understand viruses and thus, thought every sickness was a demon; who thought the earth was flat, and the center of the universe; who didn’t understand the most basic principles of biology, electricity, or physics.  Men who were completely detached from the earth and its creatures, and thus used the basic 5 senses to dominate the land and everything upon it.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Scripture was right and necessary at their time.  But, this is now.  Yet, religions are quite stuck in the dark ages of instilling fear of hell, via scripture and dogmatic approaches to steer their “flock”.

Clearly, would-be world dominators would support these mainstream religions, since their teachings require that followers be servants and children of God, (whom is always as a male authority figure); as they are already quite used to being ’led’.

Another important, and deeply related fact I found in my research is that is that this group is supposedly highly militarized and loves war.  Thus, it makes sense that ‘they’ would also spend considerable time and effort fueling religious disputes.

A group such as this would surely exploit the fear that is the norm in religions.  I find this scary.

By contrast, we the love and light, Spirituality crowd do not want to unite anything.  Instead, we understand that we create reality.  We believe in the inherent laws of the 3-d physical plane, and channel higher dimensional frequencies that help our life journey.

This so-called Illuminati group would not want the New Agers in the equation. We are non-conformists who do not want a religious yoke, thus, not easily scared.

If ‘they’ did exist, I imagine it is we the New Agers that are still holding them back from gaining control with our collective LIGHT WORK.

As I stated before, I believe that this diversity is our saving grace.

We are bonded by our shared purpose on this planet.  We are all here with the same mission, but flowing from many directions.  Thus, ‘they’ would also understand that We could literally wipe them out by collectively creating a new reality where they do not exist.

I just love that.

ALlow emotion to flow like water

So if they did exist, the way to thwart their plans is to unite.  Not as a world-wide religion, because we don’t subscribe to that, but united in our BELIEF in the SOURCE of all there is.  United in the belief that all spiritual paths lead to the ONE.  That we are all one.

I find it so ridiculous to be affiliated to this so called group because We in the Love & Light crowd cannot be controlled– control is the basic premise of their need for conquest. Hello?

So, we just doesn’t correlate, because we understand that we ARE the Universe.

We feel this cosmic sovereignty very strongly.  Yet, unlike organized religion, we do not feel superior to others.  We send love and light to all.  We allow for every scenario within the 3D matrix, because we understand that all is necessary.


Most of us have, and make use of senses such our intuition, channeling and psychic abilities. In the video my friends watched they claimed that new agers were channeling demons.  To which I replied,  I guess that could happen, if you believe in that, but by the same token, don’t you do the same when you are speaking in tongues?  They could not tell me the difference, because there isn’t one.  To that I added, what do you think the Mormon anointed elite are doing when they ask for guidance? Or the Jewish mystics, or the Beth-elites of the Ultra conservative and highly suspicious sect that runs the Jehovah’s Witnesses doing when they receive messages for their kingdom halls?

All of these religions that denounce us for one thing, are also doing it themselves.

Newsflash: When you pray, you channel.


We are ALL channeling spirit and divine guidance.  IT exists for our benefit.

I personally call on my angles, guides and guardians.  I also invoke the archangels, Jesus, Buddha and Mary and Quan Yin.  The latter, are all archetypal energies of the Divine.

Many of us can feel the departed and other such connections to the Spirit realm, and many have had alien encounters as children, and so on.  We are so different, and disparate, YET we New Agers are bonded in the love-light we share, and in our purpose of reflecting this light in order to lift the Earth’s vibrational frequency.

We do agree with the mainstream religions in that there IS a SPIRIT realm. That there is a divine, spirit existence that has creative intelligence, and that we are anointed, holy, sacred beings of this expression of Divine Love.

Let’s focus on that. Shall we?

I don’t know about this illuminati business, but I do realize, that the conglomerate-political beast machine doesn’t want this.

The archaic paradigms of our humanity’s dark ages are shifting.   The age of light is upon us, and those who need the dark, oppressive, fear-based choices of the past are now scrambling.


Let me leave you with one final thought.

My Spirituality is about lifting the vibrational frequency of Humanity’s Energetic Grid.  The more of us that do so, the greater we create ripple-effects for others to awaken their consciousness to their own sovereign divinity.  This does not lend itself to ‘world orders’ or schemes, in fact just as Teal Scot says in her video, we are so the opposite!

So don’t believe the hype, nor feel superiority to others’ choices.  When someone speaks of their beliefs, honor that place in them.  That is what the word NAMASTE means: honoring that divine place within all. <3 h2="">

Be good to each other.

Peace, Love, Light & Divine Blessings. Namaste.


Here’s the Teal Scott video I found when I was looking up this info. She does a better job at explaining.  Enjoy!